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canopy & filter cleaning


Industrial Filter Cleaners


Professional. Affordable.

100% friendly

to the environment


From Tractors to Trucks and Earthmoving machinery, filters can be sent to us from any where in the state.


Factories and refineries, concrete batching plants, welding and engineering works, sandblasting and powder coating companies.


Our customers are from a wide range of industries, from mini earthworks to the largest mining contractors.

NEW! - Restaurant Canopy & Filter Cleaning

& Chip shops

Effective cleaning of
grease in filters & conduits.


100% friendly to the environment and reduces solid waste streams.

built bins

We have purpose built filter bins to solve the problems of freighting your filters.

built machine

Our filter machine is specifically designed to clean filter cartridges.

Blower Filter Test for Alumina Refinery

Since 1998 Ivey's Industrial Cleaners have successfully developed cleaning processes to safely and effectively clean all types of filters from a wide variety of industries. One of our customers required a solution to the cleaning of their large felt blower filters. Ivey's purpose built filter cleaning machine proved it could do the job by removing four times the volume of dust from these filters than had previously been achieved by them. This trial was carried out with the company's representative present, monitoring the weighing of the filters before, during and after the cleaning process.

We are now contracted to them to carry out all of the filter cleaning for their blower rooms. So if you have a specific problem with the effectiveness of your air filters, no matter the type of dust involved, give Ivey’s Industrial Cleaners a call and we will gladly help you achieve the result you require

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our environmentally friendly cleaning service can improve your running costs. All major brands of air filters can be professionally cleaned.